Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Broker's Best Biker Babes

In my comic novel RED HOT PROPERTY, rookie Realtor® Molly O'Malley works for a real estate company named Broker's Best in the fictional town of Blackstone, Colorado. For Halloween, Molly's fabulously gay colleague, Valentino DeMitiri, comes up with the idea of a group theme costume: The Broker's Best Biker Babes. Of course, Valentino ends up the most gorgeous of all the babes and becomes "queen" of the ball. Along the way Molly pushes through her insecurities and gets into the spirit, and the most unlikely fellow brokers reveal their secret wild sides.

I was once a rookie Realtor® who worked for Coldwell Banker in a real town in Colorado. One Halloween a local title company hosted a costume party and a group from my office went as The Coldwell Banker Biker Babes. For a respectable collection of conservative business-suit-wearing real estate professionals, we became one sexy bunch of biker babes. We were magnificent.

It was a Friday night and I remember as we parted ways that evening, one broker patted her temporary tattoo and said, "I like it. I'm leaving it on for the weekend. As a matter of fact, I think I'll hold my open houses this weekend in full costume." Amazingly, she did.

Although we didn't have a campy Queen Valentino, we did have a "Bob." He was very butch.

All of the characters in RED HOT PROPERTY are entirely fictional and not based on any of the real Coldwell Banker Biker Babes (or Bob). However, the pure hilarity of the experience is forever etched in my soul and made a damn good scene in a very funny novel.

They tell authors to write about what they know.

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