Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are Werewolves or Dogs More Desirable?

In my young adult novel GLORY, seventeen-year-old Glory Templeton’s blood holds the cure for a pandemic plague, and a vampire, a witch, and an angel are assigned to be her bodyguards. Her intrepid demon-fighting Australian Shepherd, Hallelujah, rounds out the team. 

TWILIGHT is also about a seventeen-year-old girl, named Bella, and her romantic triangle with a vampire and a werewolf.

So, let’s compare canines here.

Jacob, Twilight’s werewolf, is a hunka hunka burning love, with a body ripped to perfection and a face so handsome women of all ages swoon at his smile. He is as devoted to Bella as, well, a puppy dog. He will fight vampires to the death to protect her.

Hallelujah is brave and beautiful, totally devoted to Glory, and will also fight vampires to the death to protect Glory.

Of course, in both novels neither Glory nor Bella want to be saved from all of the vampires, which presents its own set of unique problems for the respective heroines.

Hallelujah can be a bit, um, bitchy, and gives Glory the silent treatment after she falls asleep in the arms of the enemy.

Jacob can be a bit surly, and he gives Bella the silent treatment when she announces she wants to sleep with the enemy.

Hallelujah saves Glory’s life by defending her from demon-possessed mountain lions and bears. And when Glory is knocked unconscious in a car accident Hallelujah plops down on Glory’s nearly-severed arm and keeps her from bleeding to death.

Jacob protects Bella from various evil vampires and werewolves with bad attitudes. And when she jumps off a cliff into the ocean, Jacob saves her from drowning.

Both Jacob and Hallelujah are good at rationalizing their own inconsistent behavior. For instance, Jacob ends up choosing Bella’s daughter over Bella as a romantic partner because of something to do with werewolf soul mate imprinting. (Really.) And Hallelujah will brave a roomful of vampires to retrieve a triple-glazed, super-thick, raspberry-filled donut. (She is a dog with very clear priorities.)

A plus on Hallelujah’s tally sheet is that she sings "The Hallelujah Chorus," and I don’t recall gorgeous Jacob ever entertaining Bella in such a delightful manner.

However, did I mention that Jacob is unbelievably sexy?  And when he transforms into a werewolf, all his clothes are shredded and he is buck naked.

(Excuse me while I pause to splash cold water on my face.)

Oh, and by the way, Hallelujah saves the world.

So, there you have it readers.  I know whom I find more desirable.  Do you?

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