Tuesday, March 27, 2012

God Created Me For You

In my comic mystery novel, RED HOT LIBERTY, there is a humorous subplot about two blue merle Australian Shepherds whose love is forbidden. Talisman is a fictional character based on my own Aussie. Her forbidden lover, Chance, is also based on a real dog. 2006 Crufts Best In Show – BISS MBIS AKC/ASCA Ch Caitland Isle Take A Chance AX AXJ RS-E JS-E GS-E STDs TDI* “Chance” was the first Australian Shepherd to win Best In Show at Crufts, the largest and most prestigious international dog show. Chance was more than a superstar. The Chance-man touched so many lives, and none so profoundly as that of his person—Nancy Resetar. Chance passed away on March 4.

I dreamt of Chance and woke up before dawn to write this eulogy. I would like to believe it is a message from Chance to Nancy:

* * *

God created me—for you.
A shooting star you wished upon,
I fell to Earth to make your dreams come true.

All I did, I did for you.
Person of my heart—I gave my heart to you.

I was brave—your knight in shining armor
because in your light I reflected your brilliant love
back to you.

You were my star.

Two hearts transformed by love transform the world and together we did that.
You called me Chance, but our life together was destined.

I am now a bright comet—a tail of light
showing my glory to the universe.
Reach up, grasp that tail, and never let go.

New adventures await us—another place another time.
A love like ours never dies.

Copyright © 2012 by Devin O’Branagan

Photo of Chance by Tom Weigand of The Winning Image. Courtesy of Nancy Resetar.

To learn more about Chance, visit his website HERE.
To learn more about RED HOT LIBERTY, visit HERE.

Chances titles and awards are as follows:

*2006 Crufts Best In Show – BISS MBIS AKC/ASCA Ch Caitland Isle Take A Chance AX AXJ RS-E JS-E GS-E STDs TDI
Best in Specialty Show
Multiple Best in Show
American Kennel Club
Australian Club of America
Agility Excellent (AKC)
Agility Excellent Jumpers (AKC)
Regular Standard Elite (ASCA agility)
Jumpers Standard Elite (ASCA)
Gamblers Standard Elite (ASCA)
Started Trial Dog – sheep (ASCA)
Therapy Dog International (certification for hospital visits)

RIP Chance-man...